Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht

Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht

Are you ready to perform a Wedding Anniversary on a Yacht? About an hour after the start of your organization, we will arrive in front of the magnificent Maiden's Tower and be ready for your proposal.

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First, for the Wedding Anniversary, your staff will come to you and tell you that we are standing in front of the Maiden's Tower. Then they will say that it is a tradition for couples to take photos. They will invite you to the front of the yacht. You are now at the head of the yacht, right in front of the fascinating historical texture of the Maiden's Tower. Meanwhile, the music you want to be played will rise on the yacht and take off the ring and it's the perfect moment for the Wedding Anniversary!

Yacht Marriage Proposal

A Wedding Anniversary held in the middle of the Bosphorus is undoubtedly special for you. When the sparkling Bosphorus view and the blue of the sea are combined, a perfect image emerges.

With the Wedding Anniversary you will make on the Bosphorus, it makes the Bosphorus one of the most special places. Who doesn't want to give the woman you're in love with a perfect night? During the laser show you make a Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht. Experience an unforgettable moment with the Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht on the Bosphorus.

Luxury Yacht on Yacht Wedding Anniversary

The most important thing for you on the Yacht Wedding Anniversary is that it is unforgettable and flawless. We know that the planned Yacht Wedding Anniversary, which has been thought for months, is perfect for your most special day and that it is very important for you. We offer you different and suitable alternatives for the Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht. Your options are as follows and while you are taking a walk on the beach with your girlfriend, our crew will surprise you to join you to the yacht. Afterwards you enjoy a romantic dinner at the table decorated with candles.  
Yacht Marriage Proposal  
When we come under the Bosphorus bridge, we will invite you couple to the head to take photos. Under the bridge will be written with romantic words and laser hologram that you want to say to your beloved. That's when you can present the ring and make your Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht. For example, everyone will witness your love and your Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht, and the nature of the marriage proposal varies for everyone.
We offer you a perfect service with Aden Yachting. We make your most special day, the Yacht Wedding Anniversary, perfect and it will be unforgettable. The Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht is one of those very special moments that will be remembered for many years. That's why you want this moment to be perfect. With a beautifully crafted Yacht Wedding Anniversary , you will make this moment unforgettable. Aden Yachting offers you and your loved ones the happiness of experiencing the offer on a perfect yacht.
Enjoy this day by making your yacht offer with us in the middle of the Bosphorus. Make yourself the happiest person in the world to the person you fall in love with with a marriage proposal where every moment is perfect and every minute is wonderful.

Wedding Anniversary on a Yacht with a Laser Under the Bosphorus Bridge

Also opt for a Wedding Anniversary on a Yacht under the Bosphorus Bridge connecting Europe and Asia
Moreover, it is a unique location to realize your offer that will connect you to each other.
For example, when we come under the Bosphorus Bridge, our service personnel will invite you to the head of the yacht with the excuse of taking photos. Your special song will start playing in the meantime.
First of all, don't forget to add the Laser Show on the Bridge, which can be watched from both sides, to your offer.  
Marriage Proposal  
Your spouse's names and your Yacht Wedding Anniversary message will be reflected on the Bosphorus Bridge. Immortalize this glorious moment with the videos and photos taken.
For example, we photograph and videotape the moment of the Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht accompanied by erupting volcanoes for you.
The "yes" answer you will get to your Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht! Then, there will be a visual feast thanks to the volcanoes that will be erupted by remote control.
If you want professional footage and clips for your Wedding Anniversary on the yacht, you can order the services.
Our Yacht Wedding Anniversary organization is for you!

Aden Yachting Organizations

The dining section of the yacht is opened and closed and heated in cold weather. Whether the weather is cold or wet will not affect your bidding schedule.
Just as the Wedding Anniversary is held on the yacht every season in a restaurant, this organization is also held on the yacht in every season.
You Choose the Boarding Point for the Wedding Anniversary on the Yacht
Our starting points of your organization;
  • Kuriceme
  •  Arnavutkoy
  •  Baby
  •  Besiktas
  •  Ortaköy
  •  Kuleli
  •  Beylerbeyi
and choose from all the restaurants and entertainment clubs with suitable piers located in this vicinity.
Delicious and Full Food Menus for Marriage on the Yacht
Meals are specially prepared by restaurants on the Bosphorus. Moreover, it is not an amateur meal prepared on the yacht. Extremely tasty and high-quality restaurant food is served with a very stylish presentation.

Wedding Anniversary Dining Menu on the Yacht

As for the content; seven kinds of cold appetizers, two kinds of intermediate hot, main course, salad, fruit and unlimited local alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks according to your preference.  
Menus are determined according to your preference as fish, mixed grill or chicken.

Why Wedding Anniversary on a Yacht is Popular

  • Instead of an offer to make in an ordinary restaurant under the gaze of countless strangers around you, you will be able to be left alone. After that,you can make a Wedding Anniversary on a Yacht in a much more comfortable environment.
  • Instead of an ordinary proposal, it's a breathtaking proposal you make on a luxury yacht.
  • Our staff is very experienced in proposing marriage on the yacht. Moreover, they will guide you without having to think about what to do when and when. The program will run in an organized way, you will just enjoy the day.
  • He will receive the menu of quality food that you can eat in a restaurant on the Bosphorus while making a panoramic yacht tour on the Bosphorus. You will witness the unique view and you will be away from the crowd of people and alone.
  • The Bosphorus and the Maiden's Tower will witness your proposal and provide you with a magical environment.
  • You won't pay extra thanks to our fixed-price, Yacht Wedding Anniversary organization packages.

Why Do You Choose Us for Marriage on a Yacht?

Our yachts are among the most luxurious and largest yachts used in such organizations and have accommodated and are hosting a large number of VIP guests.
Our quality is registered because we host not only the Yacht Marriage Anniversary organizations but also the organizations of the world's biggest brands.
If you are looking for a luxury yacht, uniformed staff and quality service, we are here for you.
Aden Yachting is not a brokerage firm, but the real owner of the yachts, a corporate company with tourism certificates.
Our yachts have many more documents and accreditations such as "T.C. Ministry of Culture Yacht Tourism Operation Certificate".
In conclusion contact us for a Wedding Anniversary on a premium ultra-luxury Yacht.
For detailed information and reservation, you can also send an e-mail to 0541 493 28 04

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Anniversary on a Yacht


Will you play the song I want on the Yacht as I commit to the Wedding Anniversary?

Yes, you can listen to the songs you want both during the marriage proposal and during the whole organization. For this, you can bring USB with you or you can connect to the sound system via Bluetooth.

Do you decorate the table romantically?

Therefore, if the demand comes, we cover the table in the back pool with black or red shiny fabric and decorate it with candles and rose petals in a simple but high quality way. If you want, you can make the decoration yourself as you wish.

What do you give as food?

We have a choice of fish or mixed grills. The menus include 6 kinds of cold appetizers, 2 kinds of intermediate hot, fish or mixed grill as the main course, salad, seasonal fruits and drinks.

How many minutes does the laser show last?

There are no restrictions on this. All you want is written on the Bosphorus bridge in the form of marquee without word limits and how long it takes until the Yacht Wedding Anniversary takes place. The laser show usually lasts about 10 minutes.

Do you take photos and videos?

Of course, we immortalize these emotional moments that can be described for you. We take photos and videos at the table and during the laser show at no extra cost.

How much is the price of Wedding Anniversary on the yacht?

You can set your own budget because the price of a marriage proposal on the yacht is not standard. If you demand less affordable services, you can schedule a Wedding Anniversary at lower rates.

How many days in advance should I make a reservation?

As soon as possible ! Due to the high demand for yacht charter, you should book weeks in advance for an organization that you will plan on weekend evenings. So call us right away.

What should I do for reservation?

What do you need to do to book your chosen yacht and your desired day and time on your own behalf?
After meeting with our team, it is necessary to send half of the total fee you need to pay for the organization as a deposit. However, the remaining half of the fee will be taken in cash on the yacht on the day of the organization.
You can send the payment via bank by EFT / Money Transfer or you can come to our office and give it by hand. You can pay by credit card and we have the option of installments up to 12 months

Want to make an unforgettable Yacht Anniversary?

In addition, it is held at a stylish table decorated with candles, in front of the Maiden's Tower with a romantic dinner eaten on the yacht or under the Bosphorus bridge with a laser show.
We offer different alternatives for marriage proposal organizations on the yacht and suitable for every budget. Your yacht will move from the point you will determine, together with your captain and your special staff
Accompanied by a delicious menu, you will be able to watch among the unique views of the Bosphorus.
VIP Wedding Anniversary will take place in front of the Maiden's Tower, which is the subject of legends, and under the Bosphorus Bridge that connects the continents.
As a result, we have no doubt that you will be satisfied with our services.
In other words, Aden yachting offers you happiness.

Following the Wedding Anniversary;

You can also take advantage of our Henna Night on the Boat and then our Wedding on Boat or Yacht services.
In order to reach our VIP Yachts and Organization Boats, we have VIP Transfer service from your home, workplace and all airports.
You can make a reservation at or send an e-mail to
Aden Yachting is proud to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with phones that you can call at any time of the day.
Our phone number : 0542 354 08 80 You can get service from Aden VIP Transfer company for transportation to our boats and yachts.
You can request yacht charter online by entering the reservation page on our website.
This is a process that will only take a few minutes. Then we will get back to you by our friends.
To our case studies and tools
You can look at it from the pages.
If you want to review our yachts, you can check our prices on the page.
In addition, if you need your own VIP Transfer Service in the city, you can look at our prices.
Wedding Anniversary on Yacht Special for Bride And Groom Candidates Bachelor on Yacht  25% extra discount opportunity for wedding reservations on the boat. Yacht Charter Istanbul

A wonderful wedding anniversary awaits those who want to turn that most beautiful day into an unforgettable proposal, a ritual, on our modern yachts.

While it takes its place in memories as the most beautiful anniversary celebration, you have the privilege of celebrating the anniversary on the yacht.In addition, if you wish, all of Istanbul can witness your romantic messages that you want to convey to your life partner with laser shows.

Yacht Marriage Proposal

Wedding Anniversary
Special Marriage Proposal  on the Yacht for Our Bride and Groom Candidates –  Bachelor on the Yacht – 25% extra discount opportunity for wedding reservations on the boat. Yacht Charter Istanbul
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