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yacht charter

First of all, when it comes to rent a yacht, we come to mind, in other words, our company, which has many brands within its structure, and started its activities in 2000 and offers reliable and highest level Yacht Rental services on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Aden Yachting offers perfect service to its guests with its professional staff 7 days a week in four seasons. Thus, it has adopted 100% guest satisfaction as a mission and has become the preferred brand of world-famous companies to host their high-level guests.

Our yachts are located in Bebek Arnavutköy, Kuruçeşme or Golden Horn, the most central and historical Bosphorus strip of Istanbul. That's why we offer VIP services by hosting our valued guests in the comfort of your home, on private yachts and in the comfort of a luxury hotel. So we get it from wherever you want.

Yacht Charter Why Us?

However, when it comes to rent a yacht for us, what comes to mind is your satisfaction. Therefore, we are here to provide the best service on your most special days. Our yacht charter services on the Bosphorus are hourly and daily. Therefore, discuss any questions you have in mind by contacting us. Secondly, when choosing among our yachts, we provide you with support to choose the most suitable one for you. Thus, according to the number of people you want and depending on the organization you want, we will direct you to your yacht.Yacht charter options include

Yacht Rental Marriage Proposal

We wish happiness to the 750+ bride-to-be who have said "YES" since 2012. We are with you with our tours that will continue from now on.

We would like to thank our couples who have preferred us since 2015, in other words, we are grateful to you.

All responsibilities for the yachts you will rent from our company belong to us. Our system of working from the past to the future is based on happiness.That's why Aden Yachting is happy to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yacht Charter Phone number : 0541 493 28 04 Istanbul Yacht Charter Our company for your yacht charter services; It provides VIP Transfer Service.

VIP Transfer

We provide VIP Transfer service for transportation. First of all, if you want to get VIP Service, call us now. Whatsapp Buttons on our web page are the fastest way to reach us. Special Marriage Proposal  on the Yacht for Our Bride and Groom Candidates –  Bachelor on the Yacht – 25% extra discount opportunity for wedding reservations on the boat. Yacht Charter Istanbul

With our Istanbul Yacht Charter options, you decide how much time you want to spend and where you will visit.
Our Istanbul Boat Rental service is provided starting at least two hours or on a daily basis.
You can perform all kinds of activities and organizations you can think of safely.

Why rent a yacht in Aden ?

All legal documents of our charter yachts are complete. So you can have a nice time with our friendly staff. There are conditions for yacht charter during the day and night. However, food and cocktail presentations and refreshments are served on our yachts. If you want, you can bring your food and drinks by renting only the yacht . But we can also give. You can reach more comprehensive information from Istanbul Yacht Charter Whatsapph.We offer Yacht Charter service for many of your organizations. In the magnificent atmosphere, you and our guests can enjoy the best moments on our luxury yachts. Therefore, the seriousness of the boat rental business is the working principle of our company. All responsibilities for the yachts you will rent from our company belong to us. Our system of working from the past to the future is based on happiness. That's why Istanbul Yacht Charter is happy to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yacht Charter Reservation Phone number : 0541 493 28 04

How is the transportation to the yacht done?

For our company organizations; We are ready to provide Corporate VIP Transfer Service. Contact us and it is very easy to request a transfer service.
To do so, call us at +905423540880. Contact us via WhatsApp (mobile app).

Aden Yachting is proud to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with phones that you can call at any time of the day.
It is very easy to reach our yachts, we have all kinds of transportation from the European side and the Anatolian side.
If you want, you can come with your own vehicle because we have valet service at our piers. There are also Ispark parking spots nearby.
If you want to come from the Anatolian side, we can take you from Üsküdar Kuleli İskele and Üsküdar Kandilli İskele. Or our European side boarding points are İstinye, Bebek, Arnavutköy, Kuruçeşme, Karaköy, Haliç and Eminönü. If you want to be taken from piers such as Bakırköy, Ataköy, Kadıköy, you need to pay extra road and pier fee. Then we help you by assigning you a location. Have no doubt that we will help you to come in the easiest way. Your comfort is one of the most important issues for us.

How Long Should the Yacht Charter Period Be?

How long should the boat rental period be? Answer: if you are a large group, it should start from at least 2 hours. Since you want to see the unique beauty of Istanbul when you rent, at least 3 hours are required if you want to visit the whole Bosphorus. When you rent, the number of people and the content of the organization determine your duration. Because boat rental covers a long period of time where you get together with your loved ones and spend time with food and drinks. For this reason, 1 or 2 hours is not enough time for boat rental. Since boat rental is also an organization where swimming tours are held, you can extend its duration up to 6 or8 hours. When renting a boat, you can also make different organizations. For this reason, when you rent a boat, we do not recommend that it be realized in a short time. Crowning your most special day with us and rent a boat on the Bosphorus. Therefore, a wonderful organization in the blue waters of the Bosphorus will be good for you. Conclusion

You can get service from Aden VIP Transfer company for transportation to our boats and yachts.
You can also request a boat rental service online by entering the reservation page on our website.
This will only take a few minutes.After that, we will get back to you in a short time after the transaction.
See our sample activities and tools on the facebook.com/adenyachting page
You can check it out on the instagram.com/yat.kiralama.istanbul page.
If you want to review our VIPYachts, you  can check our prices on the www.adenyachting.com page.In addition, if you need your own VIP Transfer Service in the city, you can look at our prices.
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