Onboard Graduation

Onboard Graduation

How about organizing a Onboard Graduation Party on the boat, on the cool waters of the Bosphorus and with a unique view? All students will be satisfied with the boat graduation where we offer various entertainment alternatives. It will not be easy to say goodbye to your friends with whom you have accumulated the most beautiful memories, do you want to make this last meeting of yours indelible from unforgettable memories? Book now to Book Now. As Aden Yachting, we serve our valued customers with our experienced, friendly staff.

Yacht Graduation

The graduation ball on the boat is organized as a graduation organization where you will experience the fun and sad minutes at the same time while saying goodbye to your teachers and friends along with the beauties of the Bosphorus while moving on the sea. There are professional sound and light systems in the boats and yachts in our fleet.

Graduation Celebration

It is organized in the form of a 4-hour program determined by you specifically for schools and classes. The boats and yachts in our fleet are designed in accordance with weather conditions. Our boats also have indoor area, air conditioning, dressing room, prayer room, male and female washbasin.

Graduation prices on the boat are calculated according to the number of people. Included in the prices are 4 hours excursion, food menu, unlimited soft drinks, sound and light systems, table chair cladding, general decoration, photo and video package. As the number of people decreases, the price increases. As the number of people increases, the price decreases. We usually organize a graduation party on a 4-hour boat. The period can be extended according to requests.

Onboard Graduation Party

The first 1 hour of graduation on the boat starts with the entrance cocktail in the upper deck section. During this time, our guests get to know our boat with cocktail music. Then we go to the restaurant lounge and serve a meal that lasts about 45 minutes. As a food menu; Mixed grilling or grilling fish is recommended.

Onboard Graduation Party

We spend the meal time in the bays where there are calm waters. Afterwards, while having fun upstairs with seasonal fruits at the time of entertainment, it is in your hands to immortalize this important day with different poses with your loved ones. During the trip, both sides of the Bosphorus are visited closely. Due to your safety and the law, alcohol is not given under the age of 18.


Bosphorus excursion graduation
ball on the yacht is special for groups of 30 people.

It is possible to rent with or without meals.

Please be at the pier 15 minutes in advance when you will board the boat.

We have a large music archive.

If you wish, you can play the songs you want with your phone or memory.

Our employees have a hygiene certificate.

Yacht Prom

Graduation prices on the yacht are calculated according to the hourly, number of people and food menu. For early booking opportunities, it will be enough to contact us during the winter months. We recommend that our friends who organize a Bosphorus tour graduation organization get help from their teachers. Since we give prices according to the number of people, the first thing you need to do is to collect the deposit amount and clarify the number of people. Thus, you are not responsible for the financial burden of people who do not want to come later.

When the number of people decreases after the contract is made, the price difference is demanded from you and your friends. Students who want to participate later can participate if the capacity is sufficient. When 15 people or more join later, the price is reduced.

Boat Graduation

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