Henna Night on Yacht

Henna Night on Yacht

Henna night is immortalized with our various yacht options according to your organizations, number of people and your understanding of entertainment. By organizing a Henna Night, you will integrate the historical and mystical texture of Istanbul with your traditional ceremony. As your private yacht swims in the deep blue waters of the Bosphorus like a sultan’s boat, it will offer you a fairytale-like henna ritual and your Henna activity on the Bosphorus will turn into a fairy tale. You can also request a transfer service online by entering the reservation page on our website. This is a process that will only take a few minutes, and we will get back to you in a short time after this process.


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Henna nights are one of the important elements of our culture. You can organize  a henna night on the boat so that your henna night can be  much more enjoyable and different. Boat organizations, which you can choose to accumulate unforgettable memories, impress your guests and most importantly feel good, are ideal for henna nights.

Our company, which provides henna night service on the boat, can make boat organizations up to 500 people. Our company, which ensures that all kinds of organizations take place on the boat in accordance with the expectations and wishes of our customers, will organize the henna night in the concept you want. Although the prices of Henna Night on Yacht vary according to the organization wishes of our customers, they are always much more affordable than the market. Thus, it is possible to organize boat organizations without having to spend large amounts on your special days.

Henna Night on Boat Prices

One of the most important organizations before the wedding is henna. We offer you the opportunity to hold this event, known as henna night, in a boat environment. If henna is desired to be done in separate environments as women and men, we can provide this from the boat captain to our waiters. The opinions of those who want henna night as a Henna Night on Yacht have an important place in our event.

We can promise that if you contact our company while researching the price of henna night on the boat, you will encounter affordable and economical price options for you. You can contact us as soon as possible to start preparations for the organization.

How to make henna night on the boat?

Boat organizations are in demand more and more every day. Henna  on the boat If you want to do it, you can choose the concept you want. Our company, which is open to countless concepts such as simple, stylish, modern, traditional, vintage, will learn the details you want in your henna night during the meeting with our customers and will ensure that you are in constant communication with you and that you are informed of all developments.

You can contact us using our company’s contact numbers to discuss the date and details for the henna organization on the boat. In this way, you can get detailed information about our services and share the concept of the henna night you want and make this request come true.

Organization of Henna Night on Yacht

If you want to celebrate your special days on the boat, you can contact us to organize a celebration like your dream. Organization of henna night on the  boat Our planning ensures 100% satisfaction of our customers thanks to the wide service scale of our company. Moreover, our company realizes dreams by acting entirely in line with the wishes of our customers. Our customers can invite 20 people to henna nights depending on their wishes, as well as 500 people.

You can experience the best days of your life in the activities where the boat is reserved only for you and your organization. In addition to all this, the prices of henna night on the boat are quite affordable. You can call us to find out a clear price information. Because many factors such as your wishes, number of people, event day have an effect on prices.

What to wear Henna Night on Yacht?

Many people are undecided about what to wear in boat organizations. If you want to make henna on the boat, you can wear clothes in the style you want. However, it is recommended that you pay attention to some details in order not to have a hard time in boat conditions.

For example, in the henna event to be held on the boat, it is preferred that you do not wear clothes that are too short or of creeping length on the ground. Because your clothes may open with the effect of the wind or the clothes you wear long may cause you to walk hard. It is also recommended that you avoid shoes with very high heels and take a weather-appropriate shawl with you. In this way, your clothes will not be a problem for your best day and it will be much easier for you to have a pleasant night.

What are the prices for henna night on the boat?

Our henna night prices on the boat vary between 250 TL and 1000 TL per person on weekdays and weekends.

How many hours of henna fun on the boat last?

Our henna fun times on the boat last a minimum of 2 hours on weekdays – a minimum of 4 hours on weekends.

Is there a photo and video team for henna fun on board?

We have a video photo team for henna fun on the boat and you can bring your own photo-video team if you want.

You can check out our sample activities and tools on the https://www.facebook.com/adenyachting/ page or on the https://www.instagram.com/yat.kiralama.istanbul/ page.

If you want to review our VIP Yachts, you can check our prices and luxury VIP yachts on the www.adenyachting.com page.

In addition, if you need your own VIP Transfer Service in the city, you can look at our prices.

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