Birthday Party on the Yacht


Birthday Party on the Yacht

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You can celebrate your birthday on our modern yachts. Or you can organize a Birthday Party on the Yacht for your loved ones. Turn your birthday into an unforgettable day with azure sea and sky.

Why Should I Celebrate a Birthday Party on a Yacht?

Are you ready to give your loved ones an unforgettable Birthday Party on a Yacht? Celebrate your Birthday on a Private Yacht. Give Him a taste of the fresh air of the Bosphorus on this special day. Experience the privilege of saying hello to your new year with your loved ones in the company of Istanbul. First of all, a birthday party on the Bosphorus is a perfect idea to have emotional moments and then to have fun. Without forgetting, you can also pamper yourself this time, give your guests a great day on your birthday.

Birthday Party on the Yacht – Plan Unforgettable Nights

Birthday on the yacht Birthday on the yacht Birthday on the yacht

All you need for Birthday on the Yacht is to give us a call. It will be to reach our professional company known for its hassle-free services. You can diversify the service as you wish. Get this service where you will spend your day in the best way. Together, plan a special birthday for your lover, family member or spouse. There are also birthday packages offered to you. Immerse yourself in the professional party without exhausting yourself for anything. A Birthday party on a yacht can sound like a rather expensive and problematic business when it is said. But thanks to our company’s years of experience and understanding of quality functionality. Having fun leaving all the problems aside promises to make you look. Immerse yourself in the perfect fun. You can also enjoy the advantages of our company with Birthday on Yacht events.

Birthday Party on Surprise Yacht with Laser and Volcano

First of all, you can reflect the writing you want on the bridge with the laser in your Yacht birthday organization. You can add a wonderful memory to this special day. Then as the Laser show begins, volcanoes erupt and take the fun to the highest level as you feel special. You can beautify your birthday organization with volcano show and laser show.

Birthday in the throat; Luxury yachts and banquet boats

It will be specially designed for every moment you want and will take on different concepts. However, you can also reach cake, snacks, service elements and DJ performances special to the Yacht Birthday party. Our company considers every detail you need for an unforgettable and impressive birthday. That is why it offers you a completely skillful process at the most affordable price without withholding their professional support. You can contact us as you wish and get a price. Contact us to experience the difference of Birthday Party on the Yacht and add an extraordinarily beautiful day to your life. Our team of experts in the field with years of experience will make you happy with its trouble-free services.

Istanbul Yacht Charter

First of all, all the responsibilities of the yachts you will rent from our company belong to us. Our system of working from the past to the future is based on happiness. That’s why Aden Yachting is happy to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yacht Charter Phone number : 0541 493 28 04

Our company for your Yacht Birthday Party services; It provides VIP Transfer Service.

It is very easy to reach us and request Aden VIP Transfer service. For this, you can call us at 0542 354 08 80 or you can reach us via WhatsApp (mobile application).

You can request a transfer service online by going to the reservation page.
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Yacht Charter Istanbul

Contact : 0541 493 28 04

With our Yacht Birthday Party on the Yacht options with Istanbul Yacht Charter, you decide how much time you want to spend and where you will visit.
In Istanbul Boat Rental, the Birthday Party on Yacht service is provided starting at least two hours or daily. You can perform all kinds of activities and organizations you can think of safely.

Why Aden Istanbul Yacht Charter for Birthday Party on a yacht?

All legal documents of our charter yachts are complete. You can have a nice time with our friendly staff. There are conditions for yacht charter during the day and night. Meals and cocktails are served and refreshments are served on our yachts. If you want, you can bring your food and drinks by renting only the yacht . You can reach more comprehensive information from Istanbul Yacht Charter Whatsapph. We offer Yacht Charter service for many organizations such as Birthday Party on Yacht. In the magnificent atmosphere, you and our guests can enjoy the best moments on our luxury yachts. The seriousness of the yacht charter business is the working principle of our company. All responsibilities for the yachts you will rent from our company belong to us. Our system of working from the past to the future is based on happiness. That’s why Istanbul Yacht Charter is happy to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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For Birthday Party on the Yacht How is the transportation to the yacht done?

For our company organizations; We are ready to provide Corporate VIP Transfer Service.
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To do so, call us at +905423540880 . Contact us via WhatsApp (mobile app).

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It is very easy to reach our yachts, we have all kinds of transportation from the European side and the Anatolian side.
If you want, you can come with your own vehicle because we have valet service at our piers. There are also Ispark parking spots nearby.

If you want to come from the Anatolian side, we can take you from Üsküdar Kuleli İskele and Üsküdar Kandilli İskele. Or our European side boarding points are İstinye, Bebek, Arnavutköy, Kuruçeşme, Karaköy, Haliç and Eminönü. If you want to be taken from piers such as Bakırköy, Ataköy, Kadıköy, you need to pay extra road and pier fee. After you have made a reservation, we will already inform you of the nearest location. Then we help you by assigning you a location. Have no doubt that we will help you to come in the easiest way. Your comfort is one of the most important issues for us.

Birthday Party on the Yacht How long should it take?

The answer to how long should the Birthday Party on the yacht be should start from at least 2 hours if you are a crowded group. Since you want to see the unique beauty of Istanbul when you rent, at least 3 hours are required if you want to visit the whole Bosphorus. When you rent, the number of people and the content of the organization determine your duration. Because boat rental covers a long period of time where you get together with your loved ones and spend time with food and drinks. For this reason, 1 or 2 hours is not enough time for boat rental. Since boat rental is also an organization where swimming tours are held, you can extend its duration up to 6 or8 hours. When renting a boat, you can also make different organizations. For this reason, when you rent a boat, we do not recommend that it be realized in a short time. Crowning your most special day with us and rent a boat on the Bosphorus. Therefore, a wonderful organization in the blue waters of the Bosphorus will be good for you.

You can get service from Aden VIP Transfer company for transportation to our boats and yachts.
You can also request a boat rental service online by entering the reservation page on our website.
It will only take a few minutes, after which we will get back to you in a short time.
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Birthday Party on the Yacht

Birthday organizations on the boat are becoming popular day by day. There are many reasons why people make their birthdays on the boat. Yacht Birthday Party organizations, which are frequently preferred by young people in particular, increase the variety of companies that provide professional services due to the increase in demand. Before you decide to have a Birthday Party on the yacht, it will be useful to decide whether you want to celebrate your birthday with your partner, lover or friend alone or as a group. Whether you are with your friends, your spouse or your lover, it sounds very nice to blow your cake and dance under the lights of the Bosphorus.

Why Birthday Party on a Yacht ?

We mentioned that the Yacht Birthday Party is an increasingly popular type of organization. So, why does a birthday on the boat make sense? There are many personal reasons why people organize a Birthday Party on a Yacht. However, there are smart reasons that can be adopted by everyone. To briefly mention these reasons: To be able to have fun with your own guests without having to share a common space with other people. For those who do not want to be exposed to the gaze of others in any place outside, this reason is very important for those who just say that we should be us. Yacht Birthday Party organizations are exactly the service you are looking for in order to determine the content of your Yacht Birthday Party organization in your own way. When you decide to have a birthday on the boat, you can set the time, the boarding / landing point and the content of your entire organization entirely for yourself. You don’t need to think about whether that place is open at this time, my friends, or if there is such and such decoration there. Birthday organizations on the boat are generally more convenient and more luxurious than a group reservation in any luxury restaurant or venue. In this way, you will feel more special and you will really get what you pay. Because in luxury restaurants and luxury places, floor rents and other fixed expenses are high, this is reflected in every place at the price you pay. But this is not the case with boats, and you really get services in the index of the amount you pay. Don’t you think that birthday organizations held in the place or at home have become ordinary? In terms of not being ordinary, birthday organizations on the boat are a really special type of event. Even if it is once in your life, live this experience and realize it. Various venues or restaurants may have different sights or environments. But at your birthday event on the boat, you’re right in the middle of the view. Especially on the Bosphorus Strait, the beauty of Istanbul from the sea is wonderful day and night. This, of course, will make the atmosphere impressive in your birthday organization and add a different atmosphere to you and your guests.

Boat Rental Prices For Birthday

How much are the prices for boat rental for Birthday Party on Yacht? This question is quite curious by those who are planning to have a birthday on the boat. As you can imagine, birthday prices on the boat vary from company to company and according to your preferences. However, do not worry, there are options for every budget about boat rental prices for birthday on the Bosphorus Strait. When we examine the factors affecting birthday prices on the boat, we briefly see the following; Where you will arrive/depart Extra services you want in your organization The level of service and equipment of your preferred boat or yacht Number of people who will be on your birthday How many hours you want to organize a birthday.

How to make a birthday on a yacht?

Organizing a birthday party and having crazy fun under the lights of the Bosphorus in the middle of the most beautiful view of Istanbul sounds great, doesn’t it? Birthday parties on the yacht are a type of organization where the satisfaction of our guests is high. Every year thousands of people prefer to have their birthday party on yachts. You should also consider having a birthday party on the yacht. Because this wonderful experience is fun and enjoyable enough to decorate your dreams on your only day of the year, your birthday. Organizing a birthday party on the yacht is very easy with Aden Yachting. The number of people is very important when you decide to have a birthday party on the yacht. Because yachts in the Bosphorus can accommodate up to 10-15 guests on average. When you decide whether you want to have a birthday party on the yacht or on the boat, you should pay attention to the number of people. On boats, the capacity of the number of people can be much higher.

Surprise Birthday Organization on the Yacht

A yacht docking on the beach in an instant, and people who don’t know what is happening. A surprise birthday event that occurs when confetti and volcanoes erupt. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? How about giving your spouse, lover or friend a surprise birth on such a yacht? Moreover, you can find options for every budget, but it is difficult to make such an impressive birthday organization! The important thing is to make your planning well and not to give any room for surprises. What you need to do to your spouse, lover or friend for a surprise birthday on the yacht is to first create a Yacht Birthday Party request through Aden Yachting. When creating your request, it is important that you carefully select the boarding point where you will surprise and write that the surprise will be made in the notes section when creating the request. Because boat owners should be able to plan this in thought before bidding. Choose a boarding point where you can naturally bring your surprise person, or go to the place where you will pick up the person who has a birthday by boarding from another boarding point by yacht. Make this clear with the yacht owner after evaluating the offers and making your reservation. You are now ready for an unforgettable Birthday Party on a Yacht .

Extra Services at the Birthday Event on the Boat

Birthday Cake

In your Birthday Party organization on Boat or Yacht, you can bring the birthday cake yourself or supply it from the company. If you are going to bring the birthday cake yourself, it will be useful to specify it when opening the request in the notes section. If you are going to supply from the boat, mark the birthday cake and indicate in the notes when you open your request.

Other Food and Beverage Options

If you want your birthday organization on the boat not to be without food, you can plan your organization with or without food or cocktails. You can choose alcoholic beverages in all 3 options. You can bring it yourself or give preference only to soft drinks. When you choose alcohol, you can include many local and foreign drinks in your reservation. If you want to bring your own alcohol, don’t forget to check I want to bring alcohol from outside. In your birthday organization with dinner, it will be useful to make a reservation for at least 2 hours. Otherwise, you may not have time for fun by having to hurry.

DJ and Music System

A good birthday party on the boat would not be without music. If you want to have a professional in your organization who is only interested in music, getting dj extra service is for you. If you’re wondering if he’ll play the music I want, don’t worry. You can give your DJ a music list.During the party, you can also play the songs that your guests want. Remember that everything is for you in your birthday organization on the boat. After choosing the dj option in your request, do not forget to pay attention to whether the boat you will book has a music system from the facilities section when evaluating the price offers. Otherwise, you may have problems with your organization. Wishing you a perfect birthday party on the boat…

Birthday on the yacht Why Should You Organize Your Organization with Aden?

When you create a request for your Yacht Birthday organization through Aden Yachting, you can get free price quotes from dozens of boat owners by determining the entire content of your organization in a way that will not be on any other site. In addition, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants before the event. You can compare the price offers by examining both the visuals and facilities of the boats and the safety equipment. You can read previous customer reviews and book your desired boat by prepaying online 24/7. yacht birthday on the boat birthday for boat rental prices birthday on board affordable price birthday on board birthday deals birthday yacht rental birthday boat rental on board birthday prices on yacht birthday party on yacht charter yacht charter birthday on bosphorus birthday party on the boat charter birthday on the boat surprise prices birthday charter boat rental for birthday laser birthday on the bosphorus birthday birthday birthday yacht charter prices boat rental for birthday on board celebration on board yacht birthday birthday celebration on the boat birthday organization on the yacht yacht charter prices birthday yacht yacht birthday affordable price birthday boat hire boat for birthday boat tour for birthday birthday yacht da birthday celebration on yacht birthday organization prices birthday birthday party on board prices celebration prices on the boat tuzla yacht club birthday on the boat birthday on the boat birthday prices on the bosphorus prices birthday on board birthday prices on board yacht organization bosphorus on the boat birthday bosphorus tour birthday birthday celebration on the yacht charter prices birthday boat rental prices birthday boat tour on the bosphorus birthday on the yacht birthday birthday on the yacht birthday birthday boat tour on the yacht birthday surprise on the boat Birthday for 2 people