Yacht Golden Horn Tour

For the Golden Horn Tour by yacht, you and your guests can freely visit the Golden Horn on the luxury yachts of Aden Yachting Istanbul Yacht Charter. Yacht Golden Horn Tour Experience the beauties, historical and mystical texture of the Golden Horn with Aden Yachting modern yachts freely. As the first choice of those who plan a yacht trip in the Golden Horn, we invite you to experience these beauties. The shores of the Golden Horn, one of the popular regions of the historical peninsula, are among the places that should be seen in your Istanbul trip. Long and narrow, it also has a horn-shaped geographical structure. For this reason, it is also referred to as the Golden Horn. The Golden Horn is also one of the most important trade centers of old Istanbul. Below you will find information about popular places, places to visit, activities and transportation on the shores of the Golden Horn. Due to the fact that it is one of the most natural harbors in the world, Byzantine and Ottoman navies and those interested in commercial shipping have gathered in the Golden Horn region for centuries. The shores of the Golden Horn, where the water takes on a golden color at sunset, are surrounded by beautiful parks and walking areas. Eminönü Square on the Eminönü side of the Golden Horn, around the Ferry Pier and the Egyptian Bazaar are popular places where you can have a good time. In the Fener and Balat districts, located on the middle bank of the Golden Horn, there are streets full of wooden houses, churches and synagogues from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. At the back of the Golden Horn is the famous Eyüp. Here we advise you not to return without visiting Eyüp Sultan Mosque and Pierre Loti Hill . Do not leave the Golden Horn without drinking coffee with magnificent views, especially on Pierre Loti Hill. In addition, Miniatürk – Miniature Turkey Park and Museum in Sütlüce, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul Dolphinarium in Eyüp and Rahmi Koç Museum in Hasköy offer entertaining and beautiful moments to their visitors.
Eminönü and the adjacent Sirkeci districts are located at the entrance of the Golden Horn of the historical peninsula and are also one of the most frequently visited districts by Istanbulites and tourists.
It is also possible to visit the shores of the Golden Horn with yachts. If you want to get VIP Transfer service in transportation to our yachts, you can choose our Aden VIP Transfer company.