Engagement Organization Yacht

If you want to rent a boat or yacht for the organization of Engagement on the Boat, you can look at our various yacht options according to the number of people and your understanding of entertainment. Those who want to organize an engagement ceremony on a private yacht enjoy a perfect day with their guests in the company of the beauty of the city and the Bosphorus, the spaciousness of the sea and the sky. In the magnificence of your engagement night, one step before the road to marriage, we are with you with our engagement organization on the Bosphorus, every detail of which is carefully prepared with our professional team.

Onboard Engagement

Istanbul Engagement Yacht Ceremony Organization

Are you tired of the usual, Engagement Ceremonies and would you like an Engagement Ceremony that will not be easily erased from the memories that will be talked about for many years? With our experience from many years and our experienced expert team, we are preparing an unforgettable Engagement Ceremony for you and your guests. You don’t have to deal with food and beverage and other details, just tell us the date and the number of guests.

Engagement Organization Yacht Prices

The most important question  for people who are always preparing for a wedding is whether themost suitable boat can be engaged ?It is in your hands to enjoy the boat tour with special options. The most beautiful options are available with the Lüfer Boats Group, which always meets expectations. As for the number of people options, the engagement of 30 peopleis one of  the options that are always available with affordable price ranges to choose from. Other suggestions are that  the 40-person engagement is provided by boats with a larger internal structure.

Engagement opportunities  where both comfortable and visual aesthetics are best sized are among the most important options. Lüfer Teknelar Group, which meets the expectations of customers in the best way, has been transferring its experience in the best way for 40 years. For this reason, it prepares the desired organizations and  organizesengagements on cheap boatsEngagement  on the boat in Istanbul There are opportunities specially prepared for every area of Istanbul. For this reason, the desired trip and organization is created.  Engagement  in the Bosphorus options.

Having every option creates the most special options for henna night and weddings. It is preferred to combine the most special options withengagement on the luxury boat, which  is the dream of every couple. Among  the special options for organizing the best quality henna nightis the engagement ceremony on the VIP boat. The cost of the engagement organization, which is considered by couples who are going to get married in every aspect, covers a very reasonable price range.

For this reason, it allows the desired trip at affordable prices. Onboard engagement fees  they are always kept to a minimum. For this reason, it is among the most desired alternatives. Among the opportunities, engagement campaigns are always held.

Among  the most important options prepared by the most preferred Lüfer Boats Group,the engagement prices on the boatare quite affordable. Thus, with the desired number of people, it has a large internal chamber in a certain capacity. It is among the most special options for those who want to organizean organization on the charter boat, which can always be  attended by many people.

Professional services and rich cuisine

We invite you to our boat to prepare an  unforgettableOnboard Engagement Ceremony for you and your guests with our rich variety of food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the organizations we have prepared with our professional team and skilled craftsmen who have been serving in the service sector for many years.

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In addition, if you need your own VIP Transfer Service in the city, you can look at our prices.

Special  Marriage Proposal on Yacht for Bride and Groom Candidates-Bachelor  on  Yacht –  25% extra discount opportunity for wedding reservations on  the boat.
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